Acting work


I have worked as an actor in the UK and Finland since 2001, most recently playing the lead in Elina Lajunen’s Lady Macbeth (2017, WHS Teatteri Union, Helsinki).

During 2006-2014 I worked as a freelancer in London, for the immersive theatre pioneers Punchdrunk and the circus theatre company Circo Rum Ba Ba amongst others.

In 2009 -2013 I was a member of the mime theatre company Theatre de L’Ange Fou in London (e.g. Waiting for Ulysses, 2013; Etienne Decroux – Father of Modern Mime, 2012; The Wayfarers, 2012 – directors Steve Wasson & Corinne Soum), performing in the UK, Romania and USA.

During 2004-2006 I was part of the Helsinki City Theatre ensemble and in 2003 I worked at Wasa Teater.


Moving through the stage with a candle, the mime Reetta Honkakoski is like a living catalogue of portraits of actors from 19th Century England. Lauri Meri, Helsingin Sanomat 25.2.17 (Review on E.Lajunen: Lady Macbeth)


Photos: Dana Mitica  (Theatre de L’Ange Fou: Etienne Decroux -Father of Modern MimeVideo: Jussi Virkkumaa (Elina Lajunen: Lady Macbeth)